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May 25th @ 6:00 PM ANNUAL MEETING for the Township.

June 11th @ 4:00 PM Meeting with Hockey

June 14th @ 6:00 PM Township Meeting.

June 28th  @ 6:00 PM Township Meeting

July 12th @ 6:00 PM Township Meeting 

July 27th @ 6:00 PM Township Meeting

Aug 9th @ 6:00 PM Township Meeting

Aug 23rd @ 6:00 PM Township Meeting

Sep 13th @ 6:00 PM Township Meeting

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Posted 8-1-21

Township and City Officials,
The Stearns County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has partnered with the Minnesota Well Owners Organization (MNWOO) and the Minnesota Ground Water Association (MGWA) to provide a FREE nitrate and chloride screening clinic for private well owners in Stearns County. There are roughly 20,000 well owners in Stearns County. This is a big task and we need your help.
The event will take place on September 9th from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the St. Joseph Township Hall. We are reaching out to the Townships and Cities in Stearns County and asking for assistance in getting the word out to your residents about the event so they can get their drinking water tested for FREE. Here is what we are asking Townships and Cities to consider doing to help:
1.                  Cover the postage costs for mailing a post card (about 56 cents each household) to your residents informing them of the FREE well screening event (testing for nitrates and chlorides). Mailing would go out to your residents a couple weeks before the event.
2.                  Promote the event through any newsletter, website, social media outlet or any other means that your Township has available. We would supply the event materials to be used.
3.                  We have found a host site for the event this year. Would your Township/City be interested in being the host site for this type of event in the future?
Please go to and complete the survey to let us know by August 1 if your Township/City is willing to support any of the activities mentioned above. If you feel it would be beneficial for discussion of the event at your July board or city council meeting, please let me know.
Anything the Township/City can do to assist us would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact me at 320-293-6498 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you!

Senior citizens please be aware of illegal soliciting that is taking place in the area. 
If someone calls you regarding any money transfers please contact the local authorities first. 
There have been some victims aready in our area!!!

Paynesville Township Road work!!

Clifford road will be overlaid the week of June 1st with 185th and 293rd.   Emergancy departments were also notified of this work that is being done as well. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Supervisors!


Stearns County Severe Weather notification

If you don't have a notification system in place for severe weather, Stearns County uses RAVE.  RAVE is a mass notification application that sends out public safety messages on an as needed basis to inform resident of potential emergencies. 

The above link is free, all you need to do is copy and past the above link into the web address search bar and hit search. A form will come up and all you need to do is fill in the blanks.

Payensville Township 


Free Nitrate Water Testing


Do you get your drinking water from a private well?
If so, get your water tested for FREE, with immediate results
3:00 to 6:00 PM each day

Collecting Your Sample
Run your cold tap for 5—10 minutes
Collect about one cup of water in a clean plastic or glass container such as a sandwich bag
Keep the sample cool
Samples should be collected less than 24 hours prior to the test
Samples should be collected before and after water treatment systems such reverse osmosis. Water softening will have no affect on nitrate levels

Monday, June 3rd Melrose City Center
(225 1st St NE, Melrose, MN 56352)

Tuesday, June 4th Paynesville City Hall
(221 Washburne Ave, Paynesville, MN 56362)

Wednesday, June 5th Holdingford City Hall
(420 Main Street, Holdingford, MN 56340)

Thursday, June 6th Cold Spring Lions Park
(320 2nd Ave S, Cold Spring, MN 56320)

For more information, call the Stearns County SWCD 320-251-7800 ext. 3
Nitrate Water Testing
Nitrate-nitrogen (referred to as nitrate) is a common contaminant found in many wells throughout Minnesota. Shallow wells, dug wells, and wells with damaged or leaking casings are the most vulnerable to nitrate contamination. Major sources of nitrate contamination can be from fertilizers, animal waste, and human sewage. It is highly recommended to test your drinking water supply on a regular basis.
More Information on Nitrates
MN Department of Agriculture:
MN Department of Health:


Important notice to township residents:
Ordinance 439 Section 7.20.1  Performance

Swimming pools shall comply with the following standards:

A. The pool shall meet any required set back.
B. The pool itself or the yard around the pool shall be enclosed by a wall, fence or combination thereof which is at least six (6) feet in height, with a self-closing gate capable of being secured with a lock so as to prevent uncontrolled access.  All points of access shall be made lockable.
C. For in-ground pools, required fencing shall be of durable material and shall be so designed as to discourage climbing.  Building walls may be used to meet this requirement.
D. For above-ground pools, pool sides that are vertical or slanted outward may contribute to the required fencing, providing all points of access are controlled, including the removal of all ladders or stairs when the pool is not in use.

There are no permits required to build a pool, however if you plan on building a deck around the pool you will need a building permit from the township. If you don't follow this ordinance you will be in non-compliance and in case of an accident you may be held liable. So, please tell your friends and neigbors about this ordinance so everyone can have a safe and fun summer.

New ordinance 439

Amendment 13 to Ordinance 439
That the following is hereby enacted as Section 6.2.1 A
A. The total number of residential accessory buildings that may be constructed on a lot of 9.5 acres
or less is two and the total cumulative area that residential accessory
buildings may occupy in all zoning districts and the maximum side wall height that shall be
allowed is as follows:

Lot size in
Maximum Accessory
Building Area
Building Height
Residential Agricultural
0 -.49 900 Square Feet 10 Feet
Districts Districts
16 Feet 35 Feet
.5 - .99 1,200 Square Feet 10 Feet 16 Feet 35 Feet
1 – 1.99 1,500 Square Feet 12 Feet 20 Feet 35 Feet
2 – 4.49 1,800 Square Feet 14 Feet 22 Feet 35 Feet
4.5- 9.49 2,400 Square Feet 14 Feet 24 Feet 35 Feet
9.5 or greater Unlimited** 14 Feet 24 Feet 35 Feet
*Only land above the ordinary high water level shall be used to calculate lot size
** Lots 9.5 acres or greater will only be limited by the total lot coverage
That the following is hereby enacted as Section 6.2.1D
Any accessory building, including buildings equal to or less than one hundred
fifty (150) square feet in area are considered in the calculation of accessory
building area and in calculating the number of accessory buildings allowed. All
applicable setbacks and standards shall be met.
That the following is hereby enacted as Section 6.2.1I
6.2.1I In the Residential (R-1) District, the exterior color, design and materials of a
residential accessory building shall be similar to the principal residential building
on the lot. Galvanized metal siding and galvanized metal roofs shall not be allowed.


Levy Proposed 2018

Graph of calls in Paynesville Twp April 2019
 Paynesville Twp # of calls April 2019

Paynesville Twp calls by complaint April 2019